Başak Çolak

Contemporary artist based in Bodrum

Çolak is questioning the separation between the outer and inner nature of modern people. The separation inflects in bigger problems not only in their self but also in the society. My work creates ambiguous spaces and landscapes that present a psychological view of the subject. The spaces are autobiographical in the sense that they are visualized versions of my own reality. These are the places I have been in, I have dreamed, or passed by at least once. Geography and the changing environment around us affect one’s reality immensely. 


By observing the relationship between nature and living beings from a spiritual aspect, she tries to catch the senses at the moment and express them in a semi-abstract style. By simplifying forms, the subject eases and creates a philosophical matter. Colors are also an important issue for the artist. Her main mediums are oil painting, watercolor, ink&pencils, and printmaking.

Oil painting on paper
Oil painting on paper